Finding your signature style isn’t some magic potion or secret sauce, although trust me, I know how much it can feel like that sometimes. But really, it’s just a series of decisions about how you form your letters that becomes second nature over time.

This challenge is designed to show you some different paths those decisions can take, flex your creative muscles, and chisel away all the lettering noise until your own style shines through.

Let’s get those creative juices flowing with a little intro!

Your prompt this week is to letter your name in 8 totally different styles (yup, 8!) and upload a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #GABSignatureStyle.

This is not only a great way to introduce yourself to your fellow challenge participants (and me ), but also to test the lettering waters and experiment with some styles you might not be totally comfortable with.

Stuck on how to think of so many different styles? Here are some of my favorite sources of inspiration when I’m feeling fried:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram (I especially love the #letterarchive_ series!)
  • Creative Market

Just remember – these are sources of inspiration, not places to straight up copy. Pay attention to what you like about a certain letterform or overall style, and see how you can make it your own in your design. Your inspiration will probably show through, but it’ll emulate a design, not steal it.