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$ 50.00

Hand Lettering Starter Kit

Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your rad hand lettering skills, this is the perfect starter kit. In it, I've included all of my favorite lettering supplies for basic lettering, right down to the paper and pens I always use for my own designs and lettering workshops. Treat yourself, or give as a fun and unique gift!


 1 physical version of A Quick Guide to Hand Lettering 

♡ 1 large dot pad for easy lettering

♡ 1 Glitter & Bold pencil

♡ 1 clear ruler

♡ 1 kneaded rubber eraser

♡ 2 high quality lettering pens


From laying out your words the first time around (because erasing 100 times is a-ok but completely annoying) to some of my favorite font combinations (and the complete alphabets to go with them), this down and dirty guide will start your hand lettering adventure off right. This guide covers:

♡ The best materials to get started with hand lettering (from paper to pens and everything in between)

♡ Tips and tricks for laying out and measuring words to get your desired design

♡  Popular font combinations and some easy do's and don'ts to take your lettering game to the next level

♡  3 full alphabets (1 serif, 1 san serif, 1 script)

♡  Step by step instruction for the popular "fake calligraphy" look