Fluent in French Fry Mug
Fluent in French Fry Mug
$ 20.00

Fluent in French Fry Mug

"I'm fluent in French...fry" hand lettered mug.

Combining the hilarity of blogger/unicorn extraordinaire Sprinkles & Booze with some Glitter & Bold letter love, this 11 oz mug is the perfect addition to any mug collection. 


 Mug is white ceramic with a bright purple ceramic coating.

♡ "I'm fluent in french fry" design on one side

♡ Lettering is designed and digitized by Glitter & Bold before being screen printed with white ink on one side of the mug

♡ Mug holds up to 11 oz of liquid and measures approximately 3 3/4 inches high and 3 1/4 inches diameter


♡ While all mugs are dishwasher safe per manufactures instructions, I highly recommend hand wash only to preserve this beautiful mug as long as possible.

♡ I also recommend avoiding harsh abrasives when washing. Likewise, microwaving will not harm the mug, but the ink will not last as long with the prolonged heat exposure.