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$ 22.00

Custom Glass Mug

A great place to showcase a favorite phrase, quote, or inside joke with your loved one! This 12 oz glass mug can be hand painted with the text of your choice (the more ridiculous, the better!) in a minimalistic sans serif style. Heat cured for durability.


♡ Glass mugs hold 12 ounces and is approximately 3 1/2 inches high.

♡ Please leave note for desired text at checkout. 

♡ Since each mug is painted by hand (with a teeny tiny paint brush, no paint pens in this office!) there will be some slight variations from the one in the picture.


♡ While all mugs are dishwasher safe per manufactures instructions, I highly recommend hand wash only to preserve this beautiful mug as long as possible.

♡ I also recommend avoiding harsh abrasives when washing. Likewise, microwaving will not harm the mug, but the paint will not last as long with the prolonged heat exposure.