Letter Love Challenge Day 3

letter love challenge day 3


Step 1: Pat yourself on the back, babe, because you've officially made it to the halfway point of the Letter Love Challenge! Then make sure you have both worksheets downloaded and printed out for the day.

letter love challenge download worksheet


Step 2: You know the drill - watch this quick video 👇


Step 3: Grab your pencil and get to to work! Tonight's homework is to fill out (at least!) 6 thumbnail boxes with ideas for a quote of your choice. 

Stuck on what to do? Use the font mixing worksheet and your new handy dandy Pinterest board (from Day 1!) for inspo.

Really really stuck?! Scroll through Pinterest and look at ideas that speak to you. Then try to imagine how you could replace those words with the words of the quote you selected.

Remember, you're retraining that big brain of yours to rewire your muscle memory, so don't get discouraged if your letters don't come out exactly as you want just yet! 

Step 4: Check out the FB prompt + catch up on the live video from 9/13 here...