Letter Love Challenge Day 2

letter love challenge day 2

Step 1:  Download the worksheet. This one might seem a bit intimidating, but trust me babe, with just a little practice you'll get this part down in no time!

glitter and bold letter love challenge day 2 worksheet


Step 2: Pour a fresh cup of coffee and get cozy with today's video 👇


Step 3: Grab a pencil and work through the letters on the worksheet! Remember, look at each A as a series of lines and shapes rather than the letter A - you're practicing rewiring your brain and overriding your muscle memory.

Pro tip: If you're really stuck, try turning the worksheet upside down! It literally throws your brain for a loop so it's easier to see the shapes rather than the letters. 

Step 4: Head to Facebook and join the daily prompt to get the convo going!