Letter Love Challenge Day 1

 glitter and bold letter love challenge

Step 1: If you haven't already snagged the worksheet, download now to fill out as you go (and then write "Lettering + [your name] 4eva" all over it because you're gonna want to reference this baby in the future!)

letter love challenge worksheet download button

Step 2: Watch this quick video to get the low down on some lettering basics, including can't miss terms, tools you can actually use, and where to find inspo for the awesome lettering you're going to do this week!

Make sure you have your trusty worksheet ready! A fresh cup of coffee (or wine 😉) doesn't hurt either...


Step 3: Homework! Dun dun dun...

Ok, this is actually fun homework, not boring homework, I promise! 

Hop on over to Pinterest + make a board dedicated to lettering you love! Include hand lettering, typography, calligraphy, or any pretty letters that strike your fancy.

Click here to see mine if you need some inspo!

Step 4: Head to Facebook and join the daily prompt to get the convo going! 

 *I still urge you to check out the prompts for each day on FB, because they're ahhhmazing, but here's access to the FB livestream that went out on Day 1: