letter love challenge



Welcome to the home of the Letter Love Challenge! Here you’ll find the videos, worksheets, homework assignments, and past FB live sessions for each day…

Day one

Step 1: If you haven’t already snagged the worksheet, download now to fill out as you go (and then write “Lettering + [your name] 4eva” all over it because you’re gonna want to reference this baby in the future!)
Step 2: Watch this quick video to get the low down on some lettering basics, including can’t miss terms, tools you can actually use, and where to find inspo for the awesome lettering you’re going to do this week!

Make sure you have your trusty worksheet ready! A fresh cup of coffee (or wine 😉) doesn’t hurt either…

Step 3: Homework! Dun dun dun…

Ok, this is actually fun homework, not boring homework, I promise!

Hop on over to Pinterest + make a board dedicated to lettering you love! Include hand lettering, typography, calligraphy, or any pretty letters that strike your fancy.

Click here to see mine if you need some inspo!

Step 4: Head to Facebook and join the daily prompt to get the convo going!

day two

Step 1:  Download the worksheet. This one might seem a bit intimidating, but trust me babe, with just a little practice you’ll get this part down in no time!
Step 2: Pour a fresh cup of coffee and get cozy with today’s video 👇
Step 3: Grab a pencil and work through the letters on the worksheet! Remember, look at each A as a series of lines and shapes rather than the letter A – you’re practicing rewiring your brain and overriding your muscle memory.

Pro tip: If you’re really stuck, try turning the worksheet upside down! It literally throws your brain for a loop so it’s easier to see the shapes rather than the letters.

Step 4: Head to Facebook and join the daily prompt to get the convo going!

day three

Step 1: Pat yourself on the back, babe, because you’ve officially made it to the halfway point of the Letter Love Challenge! Then make sure you have both worksheets downloaded and printed out for the day.
Step 2: You know the drill – watch this quick video 👇
Step 3: Grab your pencil and get to to work! Tonight’s homework is to fill out (at least!) 6 thumbnail boxes with ideas for a quote of your choice.

Stuck on what to do? Use the font mixing worksheet and your new handy dandy Pinterest board (from Day 1!) for inspo.

Really really stuck?! Scroll through Pinterest and look at ideas that speak to you. Then try to imagine how you could replace those words with the words of the quote you selected.

Remember, you’re retraining that big brain of yours to rewire your muscle memory, so don’t get discouraged if your letters don’t come out exactly as you want just yet!

Step 4: Head on over to FB to see today’s daily prompt.

day four

Step 1: Grab some paper, a pencil, ruler, and eraser. Remember, you don’t need any fancy supplies, but try to find paper that is smooth and an eraser that isn’t too rough.

And don’t worry, you didn’t miss the worksheet. Today is all on you + your thumbnail sheet from yesterday!

Step 2: Video time! Pour a fresh cup of coffee, put on some yoga pants, and dive right in 👇

Step 3: Now it’s your turn! Using one of the thumbnails you drew yesterday, create a full sized design on the paper you grabbed in Step 1. A few things to remember:

  • This is a draft, and can be many drafts. Don’t sweat it.
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • You totally got this, babe!

Step 4: Hop on over to Facebook to see the daily prompt and nightly livestream!

day five

Step 1: Download + print out your checklist to help you edit the rough draft you created yesterday.


Step 2: Watch this quick video while I walk through my editing process, pointing out some of the common mistakes people make in lettering + how to fix them, and then adding the final ink to my quote 👇

Step 3: Edit + finalize your piece!

Step 4: Head over to FB for the daily prompt and live video tonight at 7 pm (EST) and bring all your final Q’s for some A’s!

Step 5: Pop the bubbly and do a little dance, because you just made it through the Letter Love Challenge 💃