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the letter love challenge is...


5 days of lettering

Monday 1/15 through Friday 1/19, to be exact.

100% free (for reals)

Free. Totally, completely, no strings attached, capital F-Free.

full of useful details

Jam packed with useful + actionable info, tips, and tricks. And by “useful + actionable” I mean things you can actually understand and use – not just your typical what you could do, but how to do it (in real girl talk, because not even us pros use all that lettering jargon)

straight to the point

Short. (In a good way, I promise). As the Queen Bee of Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, I completely understand how hectic our schedules can get, so I’ve designed this challenge to give you as much good stuff in as short a time as possible. Like, 30 minutes a day kinda time.

I’m Brittany, the lettering hands behind Glitter & Bold.

I’m all about helping kickass women express their glittery, bold selves through modern + fun hand lettering.

As a self taught hand letterer, demystifying lettering and calligraphy has always been a huge part of my business, from in person workshops to digital guidebooks and a little of everything in between.

I remember exactly how intimidating + overwhelming lettering can seem when you first start out, and want to help you jump the learning curve to get straight to the sexy stuff.

here's how it works


DAY 1: First, we’ll cover the need to know basics to help lay the foundation for your lettering adventure, including the fundamental terms you actually need to know (sorry not sorry tittles and ears and swashes 🙄), my favorite tools and some surprising options you probaby have lying around, and where to find inspo to get started.

DAY 2: In Day 2 we’ll cover my tips + tricks for retraining that beautiful brain of yours so that you can letter any style you want without the disappointing “but this looks nothing like I want it to” feeling.

DAY 3: I’ll show you how mix fonts like a pro and sketch out design ideas to use in days 4 + 5.

DAY 4: We’ll work together to draw a first draft of a quote of your choice using the foundation we laid in days 1-3, and dive into my tips for getting things just the way I want them the first time around (Adios, 500 rough drafts!)

Day 5: Finally, we’ll go over some of the most common mistakes + how to edit your own work, and then put the finishing touches on our lettering!

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