What's In A Name: How I Named Glitter & Bold

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I love asking businesses how they got their names. I especially love when there’s a sweet story behind the name, or some kind of meaningful association for the owners.

Glitter & Bold is not one of those names.

glitter and bold blog whats in a name how i named my business

I always get flustered when people ask me how I named my business. You’d think after 4 years I’d come up with something clever, but I usually just respond with a mumbled, “I just picked two words.”

Yup, I just picked two words.

For awhile I tried to cover my tracks and make up some big meaning to pass onto people, but I feel like it’s actually more beneficial and genuine to share the actual method behind the madness that went down in 2013.

At the time, I only knew I wanted to open an Etsy shop. I’d started making sharpie mugs when I got home from my full time substitute teaching gig and didn’t feel like sitting around watching tv all evening. I honestly didn’t even expect people to buy them - all my samples were going to double as Christmas presents for the upcoming holiday season. Picking a name for my business didn’t seem like a big priority, because at the time, I didn’t view it as a business. Even a hobby was a long shot.

Many of the blogs and businesses I admired at the time were some variation of _____ & _____, so I felt like this was my answer. Enter: two giant columns of words I liked (that would later solidify as my actual brand). In retrospect, I really wish I kept this list, but I vaguely remember things like sparkle, party, coffee, and gold.

I went down the columns and tried out different combinations til one stuck.

And TA-DA:  Glitter & Bold was born.

glitter and bold first logo

The OG logo

As my business evolved into an actual business (aka I started treating it like a business, taught myself calligraphy and hand lettering, and started wearing all my small biz hats), I started to feel pretty lousy about my mumbled “I just picked to words” response. All of a sudden I was completely emerged in the world of creative small businesses, and my name seemed pretty lame. There was no sweet story, no meaningful association, not even really a rhyme or reason.

I toyed with changing it, but as I became more confident and sure of my brand, the pros of keeping it grew. I knew I wanted my brand to be bright and fun and inspiring, and Glitter & Bold is, coincidentally, a perfect fit.

Ironically, I sell nothing with glitter. In fact, I don’t think I’ve actually opened a jar of glitter in years. I did glitter ornaments for a while one Christmas, but then I was sentenced to the basement to keep the glitter from spreading throughout the house.

Glitter, to me, means more than just sparkly, reflective bits. It’s a way of being - that bright, sparkly, fun personality that shines even brighter than a glitter bomb. I think we all have the capability of being glittery in our own ways, and I want to help women everywhere embrace that. Bold is that aspect of  kicking ass, using your voice, and rocking your life that I want to capture in everything I put out into the world.

I also kept Glitter & Bold throughout the years because while the name didn’t mean much, the business itself is a part of me. I always joke that there are two things you shouldn’t mess with in my life: my dog and my business. I will go full on mama lion for either one. I wouldn’t change G&B just like I wouldn’t change Guinness’ name (yes, my dog’s name is Guinness!).

So there you have it, the story of how Glitter & Bold got its name! I still answer “I just picked two words,” but at least now I do so with a lot less mumble :)

Now it’s your turn! If you’re a business owner, I’d love to hear how you picked your name! Share in the comments below...

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