Thoughts on Charlottesville + What To Do Next

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glitter and bold blog thoughts on charlottesville and what to do next

Glitter and Bold is based on 5 values: confidence, fun, creativity, individuality, and girl power. While I’d like things to be all confetti and coffee and quirky mugs, sometimes those values show themselves by way using my voice to stand up for things that are, to be quite blunt, real fucked up.

The events of this past week, namely what happened in Charlottesville and the reactions (the President included) that followed, were straight up deplorable. I spent the entire weekend in an unintentional digital detox while I traded in my boss babe hat for my nanny hat, and went to aquariums and had ice cream for lunch in ignorant bliss. Sunday, and the news that came with it, were a weird mix of shocking and sadness that in the end, I wasn’t really that shocked. The country I call home has a long history of racism and violence, and the current climate (*cough, Trump*) has made it more prevalent and impossible for people like me (read: white girl from suburban Connecticut) to turn a blind eye.  

I’ve wanted to contribute to the conversation but couldn’t seem to find the words to adequately express how I felt, or what steps we can take in light of such an open display of hatred, racism, all around shittiness, and Nazis (Nazis?!), so instead I’m rounding up some things for us to all do together:

  • Watch this video from Vice, which you may have already seen floating around the Facebook-sphere, but 110% needs to be watched.
  • Read this article on how Charlottesville was painful but it wasn’t a surprise.
  • Sign up for the Safety Pin Box for actionable steps white people can actually do to help (plus, subscription boxes are the jam so…)
  • Read these eight actions you can take in light of Charlottesville.
  • Check out these tips + scripts for effectively arguing that the Charlottesville violence is absolutely unacceptable.
  • Read this article on how “nice white people” benefit from white supremacy.
  • Get your poetry on for some inspirational goosebumps.

Think there's anything missing from this list? Share in the comments below...

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