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Letter Love Challenge free 5 day hand lettering challenge glitter and bold

Want to learn hand lettering but overwhelmed with where to start?

Girl, I feel you.

Really, I do! Hand lettering is totally my jam, but that wasn't always the case. I have no background in art (I was an English teacher before this biz adventure) and never took any kind of class or course to get where I am now. I read the books, followed the blog posts, and watched lettering artists on Instagram like it was my job. It was, in short, a whole friggin lot. 

Once I figured this whole lettering thing out, I immediately started teaching it to whoever would listen. Former teacher, remember?! It's kinda my thing. 

I love the small one-on-one settings classes and workshops provided, but felt pretty frustrated that I was constantly telling people who reached out from around the country that I only taught in Connecticut.

Enter: The Letter Love Challenge.

This totally free, awesomely jam packed, 5-day challenge is designed to help you learn lettering with that small group size I love so much, skip the information overload, and actually get shit done. 


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Starting Monday, September 11th, the Letter Love Challenge will fly straight to your inbox with bite-sized lettering goodness in the form of videos, worksheets, homework, and to opportunity to work with me one-on-one and in a small group setting over on Facebook.

Each day's challenges can be completed in under 1 Netflix show (a legit measure of time here at G&B HQ), so while you'll be rocking your letters, you won't be sacrificing your daily free time.

Here's what to expect:

✔️ The basics of hand lettering in real girl talk (because let's face it, most of us pro's don't even remember tittles and ears and beaks 🙄)

✔️ Tips + tricks you can use to start lettering with tools you already have lying around the house (sorry $4 Tombow dualbrush markers, I still love you)

✔️ My exact steps for laying out + lettering a quote, including picking fonts, avoiding common mistakes, and how NOT to go through 500 first drafts

✔️ Daily pep talks, videos, worksheets, and one on one access straight to your inbox

✔️ Manageable, short + sweet lettering goodness that you can actually get through without sacrificing your nightly Netflix binge

Sound good?! You bet it does!

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