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ROUNDUP: Boss Babe Office

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glitter and bold blog boss babe office decor round up

Working from home doesn't always mean working from your couch or kitchen table (in fact, I highly recommend avoiding both of those things), and having an office (or office-esque nook!) to call your own will make you feel like the total Boss that you are.

I spend a LOT of time in my home office (like more than the entire cast of Friends at Central Perk kinda "a lot") so I always try to make sure my space is as fun and inspiring as my brand. I get asked all the time where I find my office decor, so I've rounded up some of my personal favorites to help you take that beloved home office from blah to babe...


glitter and bold blog boss babe office decor roundup

1. Pink Felt Letterboard - $100

This pink felt letterboard, exclusively from, has been at the tip top of my wish list for almost a year, so it's making the cut. Add funny or motivational messages to help get you through the day, or use it for spicing up your social media - the possibilities are endless. And if someone wants to send one of these my way, I won't complain ;)

2. Poppin Monitor Stand - $29.99

For those of you not in the laptop camp, this monitor stand is my favorite. It's sturdy, bright, and currently on sale! Plus, the space underneath allows me to hoard things like paint and essential oils that don't really have a more logical place to live.

3. Storage boxes - $17.99 - $19.99

Storage boxes are an absolute must, and these simple white boxes makes them nondescript enough to hide all your stuff but still fun with a pop of metal.

4. Ceramic Cup Pencil Holder - $7.99

This little lady has held everything from pens to succulents in my office and is the perfect mix of function and quirk.

5. Washi Tape - $9

Washi tape, especially ones as cute as these, are basically what make my world go round. From prettying up my calendar to framing prints on the wall and everything in between, I'm a HUGE washi addict. 

6. Filing cabinet - $159

I always get questions about this pink filing cabinet, which I use as one leg of my desk, so here you go - this bad boy comes in two different sizes and a whole range of colors over at The Container Store. I love the two smaller drawers and one larger file drawer since I'm more of a "hoard all the knickknacks but actually throw out papers" kinda gal.

7. Beyonce Desk Plaque - $29.99

Who run the world? You, that's who. Remember your #bossbabe status with this fun (and shiny!) desk plaque from Modcloth. 

8. Brass Lamp - $29.99

Brighten up your late night work sesh with this modern brass lamp (or ya know, if you're secretly a half-blind old lady like me and need a lil extra somethin while you work). 

9. Big Ideas Print - $12

Rocking your next big idea with confidence is as easy finding pumpkin spice in October with this whimsical hand lettered print by yours truly. 

And there you have it - nine of my fave pieces of office decor! Is there anything you think needs to be on the list?! Share in the comments below!

behind the scenes business home decor roundup

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