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Pro tip: An Inside Look at How I Style Phone Cases for Instagram

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BIZ 101 PRO TIP an inside look at how i style phone cases for instagram glitter and bold blog

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain to give you a glimpse at one of my favorite products I sell – phone cases!

I started selling phone cases through Casetify almost two years ago, and love them for a few reasons.

  1. They’re freaking fantastic phone cases

I’ve had the same case for almost 2 years (this one, if you’re feelin’ curious!), and the first thing I always point out to people who compliment it is how durable it is. And I mean “drop at least 2x a day” durable! I’m that person who has actually dropped her phone on her face while laying in bed on more than one occasion. Then there’s the times my hand inexplicably forgets how to grip and my phone goes flying onto hardwood floor, tiles, or pavement. Top that off with spending half my day with a puppy and the other half with a 9 year old boy and BAM, dropped again.

After all that, the finish on the bottom “t” is slightly faded.

Meanwhile, it’s as light and thin as a regular plastic phone case, so I don’t feel like I’m walking around with a rubber safe in my hand (*cough cough Otterbox).

  1. They as passive an income as I get

If you’ve ever ordered one of my phone cases, you’ve probably noticed that beyond my actual design, it’s 100% Casetify. That’s because my only involvement is uploading the design, naming the design, and promoting the cases through my own social media channels. From there, I get a small (and I do mean small) commission off of each piece. 

Eventually, I’d like to be in a place where I can have more involvement in the final product, but since I’m such a huge fan of Casetify’s product (see #1!) and can actually feel my anxiety rising when I think about keeping such a variety of phone cases in stock (it’s a thing – I spill all about it here), that likely won’t happen anytime soon.

  1. They’re so much fun to style

Out of all the things I take photos of for social media, phone cases are by far my favorite (sorry mugs!).

“Hold up, didn’t you just say you’ve had the same phone case for years?!” – what I imagine you’re saying right now. 

Do not fret my dear, you read correct! As an entrepreneur, I run on the frugal side in my personal life, so a $40 phone case was an investment for me. I’m gonna rock this bad boy until it completely falls apart.

All those different phone cases you see on my Instagram feed? Straight up magic.

I style all my photos using the foam insert that came with my case (and a thick piece of cardboard cut to Iphone dimensions before that) and then add the phone case in using Photoshop.

glitter and bold phone case tutorial BEFORE picture { before } 

glitter and  bold phone case tutorial after

{ after }

glitter and bold phone case tutorial before

{ before } 

glitter and bold phone case tutorial after

{ after }

The down and dirty of how to actually get from before to after:

  1. Take your photo using something for a phone substitute. I use a piece of foam since my actual phone is doing the photo taking, but anything will work. Just be sure it is as close to the dimensions of a real smartphone as you can get.
  2. Edit your photo however you like. I use Snapseed for the Select feature and A Color Story to make my colored backgrounds cohesive.
  3. Select the phone case you want to use from your Casetify gallery. Save the image (I just save mine to my desktop because I’m a hot mess) and then open it in Photoshop.
  4. Use the magic eraser to quickly get rid of the white background (found by right clicking the eraser in the menu and then clicking the white background of the photo).
  5. Quick export as a PNG (found under File).
  6. Open your photo with the fake phone in Photoshop.
  7. Click File/Place Embedded and select your newly made PNG phone case.
  8. Drag the phone case over the fake phone. Hold the shift button down while dragging it to the correct size and angle to fit over the fake phone. *Holding shift helps the phone case retain it’s original dimensions even though you’re resizing it and moving it around
  9. Once the phone case is the size and angle you need, click outside of the image and select “Place” when the window prompt appears.
  10. Save the image as a JPEG to share on social media.
  11. Pat yourself on the back, because you just faked it to make it

And that, my friend, is how I'm able to get fun photos of all the different phone case styles I offer without actually breaking the bank!

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