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Hopping on the Blog Wagon

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Hi there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! You probably know the basics (unless I’m better at Pinterest than I thought, in which case woohoo! And I’m Brittany, the lettering goddess behind Glitter & Bold). I love all things coffee, confetti, color, and calligraphy related. I think my schnoxie pup Guinness is pretty cool too. While blogging used to be in my top 5 of most put off/hated business tasks (right up there with email list opt ins and shipping and handling), it felt like time to give this blogging thing another go. “Another go?” you ask. Yup, years ago I jumped on board the “businesses must blog to be successful” train and got through about 5 posts before saying F THAT. In theory it was a good blog – I was definitely an expert at what I was talking about (being a boss babe, and I’ve been rocking that look since my first business in 4th grade), I had the design down pat, I had super useful content readers would like, and I promoted the heck out of it. My heart just wasn’t in it, and alas, much like my Weebly website (seriously, I used Weebly for years), the blog has disappeared into the black hole of deleted internet files.

Cut to 3 years later and here I am, diligently back on the “businesses must blog to be successful” train, but this time I’m in it to win it. After around topic idea number 10 I started to get that electric anxious feeling that means I’m about to get my creative flow on and totally rock whatever’s in front of me. Get ready for buying guides, behind the scenes of things like my creative process, a day in the life of a small biz owner, and the oft-Instagrammed Glitter and Bold HQ, interviews with other bosses who I think are totally killing it (and you’d love to!), business insights and tricks of the trade, and of course, free downloads! 

Let’s get this party started with a few fun facts about yours truly, shall we?

  1. My full name is Brittany Leigh Emiliana Morgan. My parents picked Brittany because (1) it was 1990 and (2) they wanted a “nice Irish name” but Google wasn’t a thing yet so they opted for one that means “of or from Britain.” Close, Morgan family, but no cigar. I used to get anxiety in school trying to spell my middle name (and getting scolded for writing the more logical choice, “Lee”). Emiliana is my confirmation name, which I picked because (1) it’s not Mary, my father’s choice, and (2) it just sounded pretty. I think she’s a great aunt of some other famous saint? The bishop couldn’t pronounce it, so that was a blast, but she’s in “the book” so it counts (cue my 16 year old self’s rebellious victory cry). Morgan is, in my opinion, one of the greatest last names a future teacher/business owner could ever be gifted.
  2. Glitter and Bold got its name in an equally wonky process. I knew I wanted to open an Etsy shop to sell my sharpie mugs (more on that later), and that I wanted two words in my name. Weird, I know, but I was reading a lot of blogs at the time and that seemed to be a bandwagon I wanted to jump on. A million hours of word association and brain mapping and list making later, Glitter and Bold was born. Over the years my brand has really grown into it and I’ve grown to love it (except for that one time I was shopping around for insurance and 4 of the 5 white men I spoke to couldn’t pronounce it correctly).
  3. I started this shindig with sharpie mugs and quotes I found on Pinterest. I’m honestly still a little surprised they sold as well as they did. From trying out new fonts and combinations, I stumbled on this crazy world called hand lettering and design, and TA DA! Here I am, 4 years later, with products that are only close to sharpies and Pinterest when I write thank you post cards and pin the heck out of my oh so pretty pictures.
  4. I’ve lived in Connecticut, New Hampshire, the Dominican Republic, and now Connecticut again. I was born and raised in suburban Stratford, CT, went to college at Franklin Pierce University in rural NH, and then taught English at a university in Santiago, RD. I’m fluent-ish in Spanish, and surprisingly good at “Dominican” (which is not the same as Spanish, ya tu sabe). Connecticut is my home once more, and I’m pretty obsessed with it.
  5. On top of my full time biz, I’m a nanny after school, which means I get to break up my day with human contact, math homework, and video games such as Plants versus Zombies and Lego Star Wars (both of which I’m awesome at, btw). Minecraft and Yokai Watch are the bane of my existence, although around the time I get to the same Sponge Bob episode for the 4th time I’m about ready to die too. I also know more about Pokemon, dinosaurs, and obscure Star Wars trivia than I ever thought possible.
  6. I’m a closet nerd. I say “closet” not because I won’t talk your ear off at length about Doctor Who or the newest fantasy novel I’m reading, but because most people have absolutely no idea. I read like it’s my job, and usually prefer huge books in long series because I read so quickly (when the Harry Potter books tripled in size I thought my heart was going to explode).
  7. I talk about my dog, A LOT. While I totally get why parents don’t like people with pets comparing the situation, there are times when I’m 110% convinced I have a toddler. I rescued Guinness in June 2016 after the passing of my 16 year old Jenny Benny (which at the time was, as everyone said, a terrible idea, but it worked out in the long run) and he’s currently a year old, three times the size, and I think 20 of his 24 pounds is fur. You’ll often see him in my Instastories rocking a bow tie perfecting his puppy eyes. If you ever ask me about him, be prepared for 100 photos and at least 6 anecdotes.
  8. I like coffee and tea equally (GASP!). I know, I know, I spend 90% of my Instagram captions yammering on about coffee, but my tea addiction is nothing to be trifled with either. Black, green, white, herbal, I’m in. My go-to favorites are black iced tea (unsweetened) and Allegro’s Happy Tummy tea (it’s mint + ginger, yum!). Don’t tell coffee though, we have a sweet business arrangement going.
  9. I started my first business in the 4th I sold homemade lip balms (Crisco and food coloring if I remember correctly), magnets, and keychains. It was going pretty well too, until other kids also got into the entrepreneurial spirit and our principal caught on. The St. Mark’s 4th grade business racket was shut down, but my parents are awesome and bought me out (of the products they 100% paid for in the first place) and I got to spend the rest of my recess reading The Hobbit (See: Number 6).
  10. I’m SUCH an introvert. I love hanging out with people, and do so often, but find if I don’t have alone time to recharge I feel totally drained and turned into a total crank. I hate approaching new people in person, and phone calls aren’t a whole lot better, but I’m the queen of the email. My friends and business besties will tell you though, once I know you I probably won’t shut up. Ever. Listening is not my strong suite, and I often have to remind myself to ask questions and not immediately interject with my own story. #loudfamilyproblems

     brittany morgan owner of glitter and bold

    photo by Victoria Gloria Photography

    Anyone else a coffee/tea loving, dog owning, introverted, entrepreneurial, nerdy Connecticut-native who hangs out with an 8 year old a lot and has a weird relationship with their name!? Let me know in the comments below!

    xoxo Brittany
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