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10 Reasons Girl Bosses Make the Best Friends

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10 reasons girl bosses make the best friends glitter and bold blog

“I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading.” – Amy Poehler

As if I didn’t love Amy Poehler enough, I stumbled across this quote of hers on Pinterest the other day and YASSSS-ed at my computer so hard I woke the puppy up. I was always considered a bossy kid, and while some of it definitely came from a place of youngest child syndrome, a lot of it was just lil old me trying to get shit done. I was passionate and engaged and ambitious and didn’t mind leading, and luckily grew up in an environment that nurtured those traits instead of stifling them.

Cut to today, where I not only run my own business as a fully self-certified #GirlBoss, but am in the company of thousands of other women who are also saying screw the status quo and taking charge. From bloggers to shop owners and everything in between, women-run businesses aren’t as unusual as they used to be. Phrases like girl boss, boss babe, lady boss and fempreneur have entered our vocabulary and become a way of life.

It stands to reason then, that with a hella lotta girl bosses out there you probably know one or two. Maybe you’re one yourself, or maybe you’re like my girl Amy and surround yourself with them. Personally, I fall into all three categories. I love bossy women, and surround myself with as many as I can. Sure, a part of it is great networking, but an even bigger part is that they make amazing friends.

And so, in honor of National Best Friend Day (June 8th!), I put together 10 reasons why girl bosses make the best friends…

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1. She’s a fighter.

Girl bosses, by nature, are fighters. She has to be, to grow something out of nothing in a world that usually doesn’t think she can. She knows when to throw punches, but also when to roll with them. This means she’s not only willing to go to bat for her business, but for her besties too! If you’re going to have someone in your corner when the going gets tough, there’s no one quite like a girl boss.

2. Her time is valuable.

A girl boss takes her time seriously and works around the clock to balance All The Things. Her time is literally money, so when she chooses to spend it with you, you know she’s all in. Sure, it’s hard to unplug (ok, REALLY hard), but you can guarantee you’re a top priority every time you hang out.

3. She knows how to get shit done.

A girl boss gets what she wants because she works for it. Hustle and work ethic are just the name of the game, so you know she knows how to get shit done. Whether she’s helping you set killer goals or move your apartment in a day, she means business. Basically, she’s a badass, and who doesn’t love a badass?!

4. She’s always down for an Instagram pic.

Want to snap a pic of those almost-too-pretty-to-drink lattes?! She’s not only down, but willing to stand with her hand out at just the right angle. Perfect selfie? Done. Documenting your fave moments? Of course. Filters beware, this chick has all the latest and greatest apps and can edit those selfies in a flash.

5. She’s one smart lady.

Being a girl boss is more than perfecting the messy bun and leaving sassy mugs full of coffee around the office – she has to actually run that business. For most girl bosses, that means tackling at least 5 jobs everyday or, if she’s at the point where a team is involved, delegating like a boss. You’re basically hanging with a CEO who also juggles accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, shipping, production, and ten million other things. You bet she’s one smart lady to handle all that biz. Who better to turn to with your problems than such a business savvy bestie?! If she can figure out how to handle that unruly customer, damn straight she can tell you not to text that boy.

6. She knows where to get the good coffee.

Girl bosses drink coffee like a Gilmore, so you know she knows where to get the good stuff. Same probably goes for yoga pants, cute office supplies, and Netflix recommendations. 

7. Her passion is contagious.

They say you adopt the traits of the people you spend the most time with, so wouldn’t you want to be with someone who, as Amy Poehler says, is passionate, ambitious, engaged, and willing to lead?! Catching some of that badassery every time you hang out is one helluva reason to surround yourself with girl bosses.

8. She always has something to celebrate.

Reaching a milestone on Instagram, making that big sale or even just finally getting an invoice paid, girl bosses always have something to celebrate. Even better if they’re in the habit of rewarding themselves for meeting smaller goals, like knocking out a To Do list! Helloooo happy hour!

9 .She has a “person” for everything.

Chances are she knows a whole bunch of other girl bosses, so you’ve got connections to some really cool chicks. Confetti, candles, calligraphy – done. Photographer? Probably ten. Planner for your next event? Yup, knows a few of those too. Girl bosses tend to flock together – remember that whole “you adopt the traits of the people you spend the most time with” thing? – so chances are your bestie has the 411 on some equally fantastic ladies.

10. She pushes you to be your best self.

When your bff is a badass, you’ll want to up your game too. She inspires you by her example and is always there to push you up when you’re feeling down. Plus, girl bosses are encouraging AF to others, so imagine how amazing they treat their besties for the resties?!

Girl bosses are smart, sassy, and ready to take charge with a cup of coffee in one hand and phone in the other. Whether this describes you or your BFF, I hope this list had you “YASSSS-ing” as hard as I did when I found Amy on Pinterest ;)

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