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Exciting Changes + Why I Made Them

“Change is the only constant in life.” That’s especially true in running a business, from new social media algorithms popping up every month to the ever-evolving nature of creative business itself (I literally once saw a FB ad telling me “blogging is dead” right after...

8 Misconceptions About Working From Home

8 Misconceptions About Working From Home

Nine times out of ten, the first thing people say to me when I tell them I work from home is, “Wow! That’s so awesome! That’s like a dream come true!” Dreamy? You betcha. I can make a mean iced latte, rock my yoga pants, and do my laundry whenever I want. However,...

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Brittany here – the lettering hands and official Doer of All Things behind Glitter & Bold Lettering Co!  My mission is to help kickass women express themselves through modern + fun hand lettering, and this blog is one of those places I do just that…

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