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15 Procreate Lettering Tips

I first noticed the Procreate app about two years ago, and it didn’t take long to find myself waiting in line at Best Buy on Thanksgiving to snag the last rose gold Ipad pro and Apple Pencil. I rushed right home to purchase the app (it’s only about $6, so by far the...

A Cheat Sheet for Lettering on Anything

We’ve all heard the different tools and tricks for starting lettering, but they’re almost exclusively talking about paper. What happens when you want to leave the page and try new materials? Mostly, trial and error. Or, referring to this handy dandy cheat sheet I...

Office Mural Recap

This year saw some big changes at Glitte & Bold, and one of my favorites has been the office makeover - including a brand new hand lettered mural. I shared the process video a few months ago on Facebook, but today I'm going to dive into the full behind the scenes to...

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Lettering Layout

When it comes to hand lettering, it doesn’t take long to go from total newbie to lettering maven. With enough practice, you might even see improvement from day to day. Through in some added relaxation and easy access to great tools, and you’ve got a new hobby that’s...

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Brittany here – the lettering hands and official Doer of All Things behind Glitter & Bold Lettering Co!  My mission is to help kickass women express themselves through modern + fun hand lettering, and this blog is one of those places I do just that…

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