Behind the Scenes

Office Mural Recap

This year saw some big changes at Glitter & Bold, and one of my favorites has been the office makeover – including a brand new hand lettered mural. I shared the process video a few months ago on Facebook, but today I’m going to dive into the full behind the scenes to show you exactly how the magic happened, step-by-step.

First step, of course, was to decide on what phrase I wanted to letter on the wall. After much Pinterest and Instagram scrolling, this J.K. Rowling quote was the winner: “Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.” As an English major turned teacher turned letterer, words are my jam. Plus, Harry Potter!

After that, it was time to plan. Deciding on a style was probably the hardest part of this whole process, because I knew that once I started this was going to be it. Enter: thumbnail sketches.

I’ve mentioned my love of thumbnail sketches before, but in a large project like this they’re absolutely vital. Dramatic? Yes. Still true? Definitely yes.

Thumbnail sketches are not only a great way to plan your layout ahead of time, but also help get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with ideas you might not have realized otherwise. In this case, my second design ended up being the design I chose for my wall.

Even though I knew the design would end up on my wall, not a piece of paper or my computer, I still did a complete sketch so I knew exactly what I was working with.
Next, it was time to get my sketch on the wall. My first thought was to use a projector, but since I (1) couldn’t figure out how to hack together a projector and (2) was just impatient and running out of days off, I sketched the entire quote by hand using a grid method.

After that, it was time to paint! I used a small sample size of Behr flat paint that I had leftover from my previous mural and a large rounded brush.

You can now catch a glimpse of this bad boy every week over on the new Glitter & Bold YouTube Channel in all it’s hand lettered glory 🙌
Think you have the perfect wall for a lettered mural? I’d love to chat! Find out more through my services page.