Exciting Changes + WHy I Made Them

“Change is the only constant in life.”

That’s especially true in running a business, from new social media algorithms popping up every month to the ever-evolving nature of creative business itself (I literally once saw a FB ad telling me “blogging is dead” right after an article telling me “you NEED to blog for your business). Rolling with the punches is the name of the game.

As Glitter & Bold has grown and changed throughout the years, so have my goals. What started as a fun way to make money while providing the perfect one-of-a-kind gift gave way to the strong desire to help kickass women feel confident in expressing themselves through hand lettering. My products still met that criteria, but I still felt deep down that it wasn’t quite adding up.

Enter: the first, and perhaps biggest, change in my business.

A New Direction

As of January 2018, I’m the Mug Lady no more (and yes, I’ve been called “the mug lady” more times than I can count over the last 5 years). I said farewell to my comfort zone, had a humongous clearance sale, smudged the office, and completely pivoted Glitter & Bold to focus on hand lettering, in both services and education, full time.

My friends and family can attest that I’ve been whining about this for years. Yes, actual whining. I’ve known for ages that I wanted to be a hand letterer who also sold products, and not the other way around. But I’d already made the big scary leap into selling products, and totally changing that seemed completely out of this world. I took baby steps in the right direction – offering hand lettering services when companies reached out, finally putting together that free challenge and workshop I’d been dreaming of for years, etc. – but the products felt like an actual weight dragging me down and away from my goal.

And so, in the wise words of something I read on Pinterest, I decided I needed to “never do anything half-ass. Always use your full ass.”

That means focusing on spreading my love of letters all day, every day, and making people feel motivated, supported, and uplifted along the way.

A New Brand

Of course, it only seemed fitting that a new Glitter & Bold should get a new look.

Enter: change #2 – branding!

If you’ve been around the G&B block for awhile, the changes are pretty obvious. The neon colors gave way to bolder, more muted shades. The logo lost it’s big, brushy look in favor of a monoline script. I finally splurged and spent the whopping $23 (I know, I spend more at Starbucks in a week) to get the fun paint splotch patterns I’ve been eyeing for years.

Don’t get me wrong – I loved my old branding. It was fun and bright and feminine. That big, brushy logo was my jam. But just like the focus of my business didn’t seem to quite fit anymore, neither did that big, bright look. Maybe it’s because I just turned 28 and wanted something more grown up or my eyes just got sick of neon yellow. It’s probably a bit of both.

But besides colors + logos, I finally went on a full on icon spree. This was something that had been at the very bottom of the Grand To Do list for a very long time, so a rebrand seemed like the perfect opportunity to get my act together and icon the shit out of the website (and after planning and drawing all said icons, “icon the shit out of” is 110% the verb I would use to describe what happened).

Of course, those new icons needed somewhere to go, and without a million mugs to sell, my Shopify-based website wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Enter: big change #3 (and honestly, perhaps the most overwhelming/frightening/stress-headache-inducing).

A new Website

A WordPress website, to be exact.

I love me some Shopify, and anyone who is switching from Etsy to a full blown website can hear me sing its praises over and over again. But even with my carefully considered (and pricey) theme, my website never really did what I wanted it to do outside of e-commerce.

My blog was blah. My page layout drove me nuts. And don’t even get me started on trying to customize my homepage.

There are tons of talented people out there who could totally rock the changes that needed to be made, but once the products went out the window it seemed silly to be bending a Shopify site to meet my needs.

And so, I’m officially Team WordPress (with the Divi theme, if ya nosey), and all those things that bothered me are fixed.

The blog looks like an actual blog, complete with a sidebar that fills in some blanks if you find me off of Pinterest or social media. It’s easier to navigate, and therefore easier for you to learn all the awesome free content I’ve got on here.

The pages are not only prettier, but easier to get around, especially for the challenges and workshops.

And my homepage is a dream, complete with videos and buttons and icons galore.

I also added totally new pages to make navigation around the site easier. From the “Learn” button at the top, you can access all the different ways I have for you to learn lettering, whether that’s free tidbits in the blog, actionable opt-ins, or even paid courses. The “Portfolio” and “Hire Me” pages also make my services more clear and work I’m proud of more evident, so we can get my lettering into your hands without the hassle.

Overall, I’m hoping that these changes help you, whether that’s learning to rock your letters, finding the right artist for your next project, or just navigating the website to look at pretty pictures, and make it more fun for you to follow along with Glitter & Bold!

What do you think? What do you like most about these new changes?

P.S. I’m also jumping back into a consistent blogging routine, so be sure to check back each week for new posts!