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Girl on a Mission: 5 Values I’ve Built my Business Around

Simply put, my mission is to help you express your glittery, bold self.

So that everyone in your office knows how fantastically witty and wonderful you are each time you walk by with your next cup of coffee.

So that you to look forward to pulling out a brush pen and pad of paper to practice your calligraphy with a glass of wine and Netflix happily streaming in the background after a long day.

So that the kickass brand you’ve poured so much of your savvy blood, sweat, and tears into stands out from the crowd in the unique, incredible way it deserves.

So that you can come to social media to feel encouraged and uplifted and entertained.

On the surface, I do this through pretty letters, fueled by my love of coffee, confetti, and color, and while I’m definitely a sucker for all of these things, at the end of the day, this biz of mine comes down to 5 core values: confidence, creativity, individuality, girl power, and fun.

These are the real fuel, the coffee to my Gilmore if you will.


Running your own business takes some serious gumption, and while I may be an introvert through and through, quitting my stable full time job to pursue what most people looked at as “just a hobby” was one of those rare instances where my brain seemed to forget that it’s actually a big wimp.

Confidence is a trait that does not come easily to me, but is something I work on daily and encourage other women to do the same.

Rock those big ass statement earrings. Use your voice. Eat that delicious looking messy pizza on a first date. Start a business. Wear red lipstick if it floats your boat. Wear purple lipstick. Wear no lipstick!

You do you, boo.

I want my products and designs to make you feel awesomely confident, like that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on while you’re strutting down the street. Mine is “The Wild One” by Suzi Quatro. I feel like a badass just walking the dog when that song comes on. You know the feeling – that pep in your step, smile in your head, and “hell yeah I’ve got this” sensation in your soul.

It’s a tall order for a coffee mug, but I’m up to the challenge.


Without creativity, there would be no Glitter and Bold.

Not only is this business based on creative designs, but figuring out how to actually run this bad boy with no prior business knowledge takes some serious creativity in and of itself.

I was raised to be creative.

Arts and crafts were such a love that I started my first business in 4th grade, selling handmade magnets, jewelry, and lip balm at recess. It was called the Magic Garden, after my love of The Secret Garden, and was quickly shut down when the principal realized actual money was being exchanged. My parents bought out the rest of my stock (which they probably paid for in the first place) because they wanted to encourage my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

My parents also encouraged creativity in their own way. Redecorating the house was the norm in the Morgan house. I distinctly remember my mom waking me up on Saturdays saying, “Want to paint your room?” and two days, a gallon of paint, new bedspread, and wallpaper (because the 90s) later, I had a beautiful new space to call my own. My father worked on Saturdays, and his daughters always joked how he’d come home to an entirely different house after my mother was home by herself all day.

They said yes to whatever crazy new scheme I came up with next. From elaborate school projects to that one time I decided I wanted to learn quilting in middle school, they were always ready for a ride to the store and room on the dining room table.

Creativity is an integral part of my life and the foundation of my business, and I not only try to capture that in all the work I do, but also in how I encourage others to live, even if they feel they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says in Big Magic, “You do not need a permission slip from the principal’s office to live a creative life.”

Girl Power

Imagine if women were all as nice to each other as we are when we’re drunk and waiting in line for the bathroom? Actually take a second and think of how FREAKING AWESOME that would be.

I’m 110% the girl that will be the first to point out all shit society throws our way. From worrying about parking under a light to not being paid equal to our male counterparts, we’ve got more than enough going on, so why do we add fuel to the fire?

A rising tide lifts all boats, and I’m more than happy to be that tide.

I want to help you remember that her success is not your failure.

I want to work together to support women everywhere.

I want you to help you express what a kickass woman you are.

I want us to shatter those damn ceilings already.


Catholic school complex aside (I swear uniforms are the reason I still change clothes at least 3 times a day in adult life), individuality, or as I like to call it, letting your freak flag fly, has always been my jam.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve hopped on more bandwagons than I can count, including some seriously questionable fashion choices in my teens (mini skirt and Ugg boots, I’m looking at you).

I’ve also gotten really comfortable saying “to hell with it” and doing what makes me happy.

Skip over Pokemon cards to read The Hobbit at recess? You got it.

Wear a handmade dress to the Junior Ring dance because I was “so over” all the store options? Did that too.

Move to the Dominican Republic all by myself even though my friends thought I was crazy? Damn straight.

Build a successful calligraphy business without ever touching a wedding invitation? Sure thang.

Trends are awesome (donuts + unicorns for the win), but being true to yourself is even better. You are perfectly imperfect just the way you are, and I want to help you tell the whole world.


Fun is not only my favorite f-word, but a big part of what makes the G&B world go round, from the bright colors and quirky quotes to love notes in your inbox and confetti in your hair.

I want everyday to feel like a party, even if it’s just the 4 times you get up to refill your coffee mug.

I want rainbow bagels and unicorn lattes to be the norm.

I want you to love your new lettering hobby so much that it’s infectious.

I want to give you that “just watched a cute puppy video” feeling.